albalo polo

Albalo Polo

Great baking order for Albalo Polo

Albalo Polo One of the most famous cuisines in the city of Shiraz, it has its own fans.

And the start of the summer season and the arrival of cherries to the market is the best time to cook and taste this delicious food.

In the summer you can use fresh and delicious cherries And in the other seasons, you can also freeze cherries And easily use it at any time.

Cranberry Ploos can be cooked with meat or chicken according to their personal tastes.

In this article we will teach Albalo Polo cooking with two methods of baking with meat and chicken.

Things we need

Cranberry without kernel


Mince Meat






Salt ,Peppers ,Turmeric


Albalo Polo Cooking Instructions

  1. First we carefully remove the kernel of cherry , Then pour in the pot and place it on a gentle heat. We pour sugar on the cherries and Wait about 10 minutes together.
  2. We refuse the cherries from a filter to separate the syrup from the cherries. Place the cherry syrup again on the heat to make it a bit thicker.
  3. 3. Slice onion and mix with oil and butter and place it on the heat.
  4. Add the cherries and a little fry.
  5. We rinse the rice that we have soaked a few hours ago.
  6. Cover the pot with a few rice pads. Then pour some of the cherries on the rice. We will complete this step to the end in several layers. And at the last stage Serve rice.

  1. At the end, add a piece of meat to the food and decorate our plate.




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