Food is a vital ingredient, a substance of such a nature that without which the living being can not live. Food is therefore the foundation of life, like air and water. Food is a substance that the living creature is capable of transforming its form into similar substances and for various uses such as growth, development, cleansing, continuous replacement of lost cells, chemical interactions in the body, and preparation Material for reproduction. So food is a substance that can convert into intracellular material and body structure cells such as bone, skin, muscle, nerves, etc.

substance food

Food should be a substance that the body can enter through the digestive system and then absorb blood from different cells. Therefore, food is only referred to as a material that is usable and useful to the body, providing the necessary materials for the production of new cells and their vital functions. Anything else is not food. Anything outside of this is not only unnecessary and excessive, but also for the body to be used and harmful and should be repulsed. The process of disposal of these materials requires the use of energy for the transformation of a particular purification and disposal of all the vital energy of the body, which should be vital to the beneficial uses such as repair, the production of new cells, the growth and cleansing of harmful substances produced from daily interactions. makes less. In another language, the energy present in the body, which should be spent on the production, repair, regeneration and metabolism of cells, is more than anything focused on the cleaning and disposal of excess material. The living creature is made of food and the ingredients needed to carry out all the vital functions involved in survival and reproduction of the living creature are provided by the food, so everything that supports the vital functions of the body is food and everything else is for the living cell Toxic and harmful.

This is where the special importance of the food we eat and the care we need to make is evident. We need to know where our food came from, and is it appropriate for us? Does it support our vital energy, or vice versa. Because life, health, and the survival of our lives depend on the food we eat, we can not always bring inappropriate food to our body, expecting our health and the children born to us.

Every creature has its own specialty in nature. Every creature will not be able to survive if it does not consume any special food. We have experienced this often how family animals, as well as livestock and poultry, suffer from various illnesses and abnormalities with the consumption of abnormal food that they eat. Cow dysfunctions and the increasing rise in diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer in pets are just some examples of this claim.

The most valuable, purest and best type of food found in plants. In fact, all creatures on earth are fed directly or indirectly from plants, because plants can withstand the use of sunlight and water to convert minerals in the soil into organic matter in their cells. Animals who are not able to do this process by transferring plants to their body.

Plants are, in fact, food plants of nature, because they are the only ones able to convert minerals to food, and animals that can not do this process rely on plants to feed themselves.

The best source of food for human is plant material. Plants are rich in various materials needed for human health. Plants filled with the highest levels of amino acids and proteins, carbon hydrates, and fatty acids required by the body. In addition, plants are a huge source of vitamins, minerals, organic salts, all of these rich in all minerals, integrated in the most beautiful and finest colors and flavors, and in its most natural form, crude to the easiest form. Digestion and absorption are available to humans. It is even more beautiful that the nature of all this expensive complex with the least amount of energy loss and destruction of resources is available to man, while providing the same material for the body through the use of animal material is not only healthy and not a healthy diet, but with waste And destruction is abundant, whether in the human body or in nature.

The plants are lighter and easier to absorb than animal materials. Plants are rich in organic salts, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and natural supplements for the body against diseases that are, or completely lacking, or poor in animals.
Animal material not only does not contain antioxidants, but in the process of digestion and absorption in the human body, it produces the highest amount of oxidized waste, which in turn requires the use of more antioxidants.
Plants, especially if they are consumed in their natural and raw form, are readily digestible and absorbed in the shortest possible time and with the highest efficiency in consuming cells. For example, most fruits go to the gut after half an hour from the stomach, while meat, eggs and dairy products, due to more difficult digestion in the digestive tract, leave dirt, damage, and impairment of digestion and absorption of materials due to more difficult digestion.

Use animal material if you want to eat unhealthy and nutritionally poor foods. Nowadays, the way of keeping and feeding animals in livestock, poultry, and artificial fish-breeding ponds will guarantee the production of the most unhealthy and harmful food for humans.

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